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Casual audism is not knowing what audism means.

Casual audism is denying audism exists.

Casual audism is “what language do deaf people think in?”

Casual audism is making ASL music videos and having hearing people get more recognition than d/Deaf artists themselves.


I’m sorry but no! I agree with most of this but many ASL students as myself are given assignments to sign ASL songs. it helps us learn, and we have no intention to take away from Deaf artists, and to some of us, ASL has really clicked and the Deaf community and language are things we truly care about and are interested in! I understand some people are disrespectful, but that doesn’t apply to all hearing people!

sorry but no.

casual audism is hearing ASL students thinking they suddenly have ownership of ASL and not respecting their place in the Deaf community. 


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    I like — yet I feel as if though I’m not quite grasping the use of the word ‘casual’. Am I missing something here?...
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    that is why I have an issue with ASL videos on youtube. the most popular users aren’t even fluent signers and openly...
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    As former ASL Instructor, sorry but I respectfully disagree. Given an assignment doesn’t mean you can post it online for...
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    I admit that, being a huge music fan, this is a hard one for me. However, I did check out blogging-molly13's blog - and...
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    The only thing I have to add to this is I disagree with the first one. It’s not someone’s fault if they don’t know what...
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    Uh, she said nothing about owning asl, she said she’s assigned ASL songs and cares about learning ASL as well cares...