The more I learn about racism and sexism, the less able I am to just sit back and enjoy stuff. I can’t enjoy Firefly like I used to, I can’t enjoy The Newsroom like my fiancĂ© does, I can’t laugh at Community like I want to, I’ve avoided Girls because of all the negative feminist commentary but I know it’ll make me laugh if I watch it. Game of Thrones is one of my favourite things on tv but it is RIDICULOUS for the levels of sexism and the whitewashing inherent in it.

Where is the mainstream stuff that doesn’t stumble into sexist and/or racist tropes? Where is the mainstream stuff that has people TRYING to avoid sexist/racist tropes? It’s also no coincidence that all this stuff is American - you guys have the largest resources, some of the greatest minds, the most loudly heard commentary on racism and sexism and yet you still can’t get true equality on the air. I’m not saying this like the rest of the world is any better - I know of very very VERY few instances of equality in British tv and film. I’m just saying…why hasn’t this happened yet? Why isn’t this happening NOW???? How long will I be watching film and tv and finding 99.999% of it problematic? I’m still going to watch GoT, I’m still going to love Firefly forever…but they are tarnished. We can do better than this. We have the minds, we have the knowledge, we have the resources. Who’s in charge and why aren’t they listening?

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