Back to business as usual.

Via Ms Magazine: One day, during a typical 15-minute walk from her office to her apartment in the center of Brussels, 25-year-old graduate film student Sofie Peeters was harassed 11 times.

To channel her frustration with her inability to commute in peace, she produced a short documentary for her final school project called Femme de la Rue (Woman of the Street). The undeniable display of street harassment in the film made it and her story go viral, drawing global attention to the problem.

Usually I would just be pleased that this message is getting out, but today I’m just angry that the woman who made this video was not automatically deemed worthy of respect by the men that were harassing her. She only gained their respect once she called them out on their shit.

I’m also angry that it takes someone actually filming and documenting this kind of harassment before the grand majority of men accept that it occurs. And I’m also angry that large swathes of both men and women cannot see how damaging and stressful street harassment is.

It’s not a compliment. Your comment or wolf whistle or stare makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me conscious of the fact that now I am a sexual object, whereas two seconds ago I was just a woman walking down the street. Let me walk down the fucking street.

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