Reblog if you want REAL disabled people on your TV


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People like Ali Stroker, Mia Schakewitz, Jessica Santiz, and RJ Mitte. People who know what being disabled is like and can bring that to the role.

Yes! First hand knowledge and experience always translates the clearest. If we are going to be equal, we must be truly visible on screen as well.

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    I want to add to this a clarification that I want REAL cripples playing crippled characters, as well as cripples playing...
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    As talented as most able bodied actors are Cripface (is that even the word for it?) is just insulting and damaging as...
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    mild Yellow
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    THIS. SRSLY, everybody should reblog this. i dont understand why there is only 6 notes. I can say, as a person with a...
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    Yes! First hand knowledge and experience always translates the clearest. If we are going to be equal, we must be truly...
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